Terms of Service



Scheduled Service
-To begin service you will receive an emailed quote. Click “Accept” and pay deposit to begin services. You can request changes before accepting.
-We cannot guarantee exact service times.
-You do not need to be home for service. If you are not home, make sure gates are unlocked and able to open. Also, keep any aggressive dogs out of yard.
-If the gates are locked, or we feel it is not safe due to dog’s behavior; you will still be charged for the visit.
-You may cancel or suspend service up to 6am of your scheduled service day.
-To cancel or suspend service, email us at contact@dogdoodyduty.com.
-Service that falls on a holiday will be done before or after the holiday. Holidays include New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.
-We may need to change your day due to employee illness, vacations, or unplanned events.
-We reserve the right to change your regular clean-up date for ongoing service.

-Our work day starts at sunrise.
-We work in most weather. The exclusions are heavy sustained downpours, lightning, extreme temperatures (cold or hot), recent snowfall, deep snow, or ice. This will delay service to the next scheduled clean up.
-Your dogs can be present while we service the yard if they are friendly and up to date on their shots.
-We do not clean pools or pool covers.
-We remove solid waste only. We are not able to remove most diarrhea, vomit, or urine.
-We do not rake leaves, shovel snow, or chop ice to get to the waste. We do not go under trampolines, low lying decks or other like structures. We do not move objects in the yard.
-We will do our best but are not responsible for waste under snow, in ice, under leaf cover, in tall grass, in weeds, in stones, or in ivy.
-We cannot take waste that is mixed in with leaves or stones.
-You must specifically request before your day of service that you want your patio or deck to be sprayed down. You must provide a working hose that reaches the area for this service.
-If you scheduled a deodorizer treatment, you must also provide a working hose that reaches the areas you want covered.
-Past and upcoming service visits as well as invoices and payments can be viewed in “Client Hub” from our website.
-We want you to be completely satisfied. If you find we missed an area, please notify us within 24 hours so we can send someone back out.

-Rates are quoted for ¼ acre or less unless specifically stated. Larger areas are subject to additional charges.
-If your dog(s) waste volume is more than normal, your service may be subject to an additional charge.
-In extreme cases, we reserve the right to re-quote the job before we begin.
-Payments must be received before service.
-Ongoing Service- Reoccurring services will be billed prior to service. Invoices will be sent by email 15 days ahead of service. Payment must be received by the 1st for the upcoming month’s service. If you sign up for “Automatic Payment” we will run your card on file on or a day before the 1st.
-Please notify us within one week if there is a change in the number of dogs so we can adjust the service price.
-If service is postponed, you will not be charged for that scheduled visit. Your next visit will be charged at the new visit increment. Ex. Weekly visit canceled, next week’s visit will be charged as a bi-weekly visit and so on. You will receive a credit on next month’s invoice. Weekly service will be a $6 credit, Bi-weekly will be a $9 credit. This will equal out to the same price as if you paid per visit.
-Rates subject to change with a thirty-day notice.
-We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards.
-Returned check fee is $25.

Your Responsibilities
-Keep yard mowed and raked.
-Keep gates we may be using in good working order.
-Make sure pathways and yard are clear and safe for walking.
-Make us aware if you may have aggressive dogs.
-Keep aggressive dogs in during or on day of service.
-Check email for quotes, invoices, service changes, or reminders.
-Pay invoices on time.

By clicking “Accept” I agree to these terms and allow a Dog Doody Duty LLC Representative to be on my property for scheduled dog waste clean-up.